The Elegy of Laurel

Fiction | 2021 | 94 min.
Premiere: Sarajevo Film Festival

Filip, a sophisticated university professor, and his wife go to a spa on the coast. After a few days spent in the comfy and monotonous ambience of the hotel, their seemingly ideal marriage is over: Filip’s wife leaves him. Everything seems to indicate that his life is collapsing but, refined and armed with confidence, Filip faces his new circumstances with unusual ease. Deep in the forest, a new fantasy world will break him down but it also gives him a chance for a new beginning.

Director and Writer: Dušan Kasalica
Producer: Jelena Angelovski
Co-Producers: Stefan Ivančić, Dragana Jovović, Ognjen Glavonić
Production: Meander Film (ME), Non-Aligned Films (RS)
Supported by: Film Centre of Montenegro, Film Center Serbia