Documentary/Experimental | 2014 | 19 min.
Premiere: CPH:DOX


Heavens reflects a fragile parent-child relationship, presented through the mix of various found footage materials intervened with images of Sashka, a girl who lives in present-day Belgrade. The found footage is partly used as a depiction of our parents who were building, but also destroying and abandoning the idea of Yugoslavia. The images of Sashka may be seen as a portrait of the generation living in a gap between the lost identity of their parents and one still to be found.

Director: Jelena Maksimovic, Ivan Salatic
Production: Non-Aligned Films (RS)
Editor: Jelena Maksimovic
Sound: Jakov Munizaba

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Thessaloniki International Film Festival
Odense International Film Festival
FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival