Stars of Gaomeigu

Docu-fiction | 2017 | 23 min.
Premiere: Visions du Réel


At the Gaomeigu observatory, Naxi people observe the sky. The telescope triggers their local legends, both old and new. There is a legend about the Leader who fed his people. There is a story about Sanduo, a folk tale hero from the Middle ages. Today, he is a skater in the big city. Two gods are in love, but a foreigner interferes.

Director, Writer & Cinematographer: Marko Grba Singh
Production: Non-Aligned Films (RS), Looking China (CN)
Editor: Jelena Maksimovic
Sound: Jakov Munizaba

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Mémoire Vive Court Award for Most innovative short film @ Visions du Réel

Visions du Réel
Hamburg International Short Film Festival
European Film Festival Palic
International Film Festival Ferfilm
FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival
Pancevo Film Festival