The Elegy of Laurel

Fiction | 2020 | ~90 min.
In post-production


Filip, a sophisticated university professor, goes with his wife to a spa on the coast. After a few of days spent in the comfy and monotonous ambiance of the hotel, their seemingly ideal marriage is over. Filip is left by his wife. Everything seems to indicate that his life is collapsing, but Filip, refined and armed with confidence, faces each new circumstance with unusual ease. Deep in the forest, a new fantasy world will break him down, but also give him a chance for a new beginning.

Director and Writer: Dusan Kasalica
Producer: Jelena Angelovski
Co-Producers: Stefan Ivancic, Dragana Jovovic, Ognjen Glavonic
Production: Meander Film (ME), Non-Aligned Films (RS)
Supported by: Film Centre of Montenegro, Film Center Serbia